Abaiser Meaning

As a French verb, it denotes the actions of lowering, pulling down, or rolling out. This usage is prevalent in the French language when describing activities such as lowering a flag, pulling down a window, or rolling out dough.

Abaiser Meaning in English

In its capacity as an English noun, albeit an obsolete one, “abaiser” signifies ivory black or animal charcoal, a type of pigment. This particular meaning is primarily found in historical texts and is not commonly employed in contemporary English usage.

Abaiser Example

  1. “Le vent abaissait les branches des arbres” (The wind lowered the branches of the trees).
  2. “Il a abaissé le prix de la marchandise” (He lowered the price of the merchandise).
  3. “The artist used abaiser to create a dramatic chiaroscuro effect.”
  4. “The artist used abaiser to create a dramatic effect in his painting.”
  5. “She abaisséd the pastry dough until it was thin and translucent.”

Abaiser Meaning in Hindi

Abaiser Meaning in Hindi is आइवरी काला or aaivaree kaala.

Abaiser Meaning in Tamil

Abaiser Meaning in Tamil is தந்தம் கருப்பு or Tantam karuppu.


Abaiser: While often used in French to mean “to lower” or “to debase,” in the kitchen, abaisser takes on a delicious meaning: to roll out dough. Imagine gently flattening out a silky ball of pastry dough until it becomes thin and pliable, ready to be transformed into flaky croissants, delicate tarts, or savory dumplings.

This essential technique is a cornerstone of countless pastries and baked goods. By abaising dough, we unlock its potential for flakiness, structure, and texture. Just like a skilled sculptor shaping clay, an experienced baker abaisses dough with practiced hands, coaxing it into the perfect form for baking delights.

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