Yadava Meaning In Tamil

In Tamil, the term “Yadava” is typically transliterated as “யாதவ” or Yātava and refers to a community or caste. The Yadavas are traditionally associated with agriculture and have historical and cultural significance in various regions of India. The term itself does not have a specific meaning in the Tamil language, as it is a proper noun representing a particular social group or community.

Yadava Meaning In Tamil

  1. Yadavas are a Hindu community that is found in India, Nepal, and other parts of the world. They are believed to be descendants of Yadu, a legendary king of the Chandravansha lineage.
  2. Yadavas or யாதவர் are traditionally associated with agriculture, animal husbandry, and military service.
  3. In Tamil, the word “யாதவர்” (yadavar) literally means “descendants of Yadu”. It is also sometimes used to refer to any person who is a member of the Yadava community.
  4. The word “Yadava” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yadu”, which is the name of a legendary king who was the ancestor of the Yadavas.
  5. Yadava Meaning In Tamil: The Yadavas are a large and diverse community that is found throughout India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. They are a varna (caste) of Kshatriyas, and they are traditionally associated with pastoralism, agriculture, and politics.

Here are some other ways to translate “Yadava” into Tamil:

  1. யாதூர்கள் (yaduvargal)
  2. யாதவர்கள் (yadavargal)
  3. யாதகுலத்தார் (yadhakulaththār)
  4. யாதகுலத்தினர் (yadhakulaththinar)

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