Ubhaya sammatham meaning in malayalam

The term “ubhaya sammatham” is not a commonly used phrase in Malayalam. However, based on the Sanskrit words “ubhaya” (meaning both) and “sammatham” (meaning agreement or consensus), the phrase can be interpreted as “mutual agreement” or “consensus from both sides” in Malayalam.

Mutual agreement in Malayalam

The term “mutual agreement” in Malayalam can be translated as “പരസ്പരസമ്മതം” (parasparasammatham).

Ubhaya sammatham meaning in malayalam

  1. The phrase “ubhaya sammatham” can be translated to Malayalam as ഉഭയ സമ്മതം.
  2. “ദ്വിപക്ഷസമ്മതം” (dvipakshasammatham) also refers to a mutual agreement or consensus between two parties or sides.

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