Trudging Meaning In Tamil

  1. Trudging Meaning in Tamil: “அழுக” (Aḻuka) is the Tamil equivalent for “trudging,” representing the act of walking wearily or with effort.
  2. Trudging Meaning in English: In English, “trudging” refers to walking slowly or laboriously, often with a sense of fatigue.
  3. Self-Trudging Meaning in Tamil: The term “உயிர்-அழுக” (Uyir-Aḻuka) might describe the act of trudging with a self-imposed effort, possibly implying personal struggles.
  4. Trudging Meaning in Tamil Synonyms: Synonyms in Tamil for “trudging” could include “திகைகளை உயிர்த்துச் செல்” (Tikai-kalai Uyir-uttu Cel) or similar expressions.
  5. Trudged Up Meaning in Tamil: “உயிர்த்துச் செல்லும்” (Uyir-uttu Cellum) may convey the idea of trudging up or moving with effort.
  6. Trudged Meaning in Hindi: In Hindi, “trudged” might be translated as “बोझिले चलना” (Bojhile Chalna) or “कठिनाई से चलना” (Kathinai Se Chalna), emphasizing difficulty.
  7. Unwillingly Meaning in Tamil: “கடினமாக” (Kaṭinamāka) represents “unwillingly” in Tamil, suggesting an action done with reluctance.
  8. Slog Meaning in Tamil: “கொடுத்து செல்ல” (Koṭutta Cell) or similar phrases may convey the sense of “slog” in Tamil, indicating hard and laborious work.
  9. Wistfully Meaning in Tamil: “ஆசையாக” (Ācaiyāka) is the Tamil term for “wistfully,” capturing a sense of longing or yearning.

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