Tank Meaning in 78 languages

What is the tank meaning in Hindi?

In Hindi, the word “tank” has several meanings. It can refer to a large, usually metal container for holding liquids, such as water or oil. It can also describe a military vehicle designed for transport and combat. In addition, the tank can be used informally to mean “an excellent thing or person.

What does tank means in different languages: how is it translated?

Around the world, the English word “tank” has many different meanings. In Hindi, the word टांक (tānk) describes an underground storage container for water or oil. It can also refer to a large, cylindrical container used to transport liquids or gases.

In Spanish, the word tanque (pronounced “tahn-kay”) can mean either a tank used in warfare or a cistern. A tanque de guerra is a tank designed for combat, while a tanque de agua is a water tank or cistern.

In Portuguese, the word tanque (pronounced “tang-kee”) has the same dual meaning as in Spanish. It can refer to either a combat tank or a water tank.

Tank meaning in 78 languages

Sr. No.Meaning of Tank in different languagesTranslation of Tank in different languagesSynonyms of Tank
1Meaning of Tank in Afrikaanstenkkoeler
2Meaning of Tank in Albaniantankftohës
3Meaning of Tank in Amharicታንክ-tanikiቀዝቅዞ-k’ezik’izo
4Meaning of Tank in Arabicخزانأكثر برودة- akthar buruda
5Meaning of Tank in Armenianբաք-bak’հովացուցիչ-hovats’uts’ich’
6Meaning of Tank in Azerbaijanitanksoyuducu
7Meaning of Tank in Bengaliট্যাংক-Ṭyāṅkaশীতল-Śītala
8Meaning of Tank in Bulgarianрезервоар-rezervoar-rezervoar-rezervoarохладител-okhladitel
9Meaning of Tank in Burmeseaakyaanpayyaahpwalaayy
10Meaning of Tank in Chinese simple罐-Guàn凉爽的-Liángshuǎng de
11Meaning of Tank in Chinese traditional罐-Guàn涼爽的-Liángshuǎng de
12Meaning of Tank in Croatiantenkhladnjak
13Meaning of Tank in Czechnádržchladič
14Meaning of Tank in Danishtankkøler
15Meaning of Tank in Dutchtankkoeler
16Meaning of Tank in Englishtankcooler
17Meaning of Tank in Esperantotankopli malvarmeta
18Meaning of Tank in estoniantankjahedam
19Meaning of Tank in filipinotangkepalamigan
20Meaning of Tank in finnishsäiliöjäähdytin
21Meaning of Tank in frenchréservoirglacière
22Meaning of Tank in georgianსატანკო-sat’ank’oქულერი-kuleri
23Meaning of Tank in germanPanzerKühler
24Meaning of Tank in greekάρμα μάχης-árma máchisψυγείο-psygeío
25Meaning of Tank in gujaratiટાંકી-Ṭāṅkīકૂલર-Kūlara
26Meaning of Tank in hausatankimai sanyaya
27Meaning of Tank in hebrewטנקקריר יותר
28Meaning of Tank in hindiटैंक-tainkकूलर-koolar
29Meaning of Tank in hungariantartályhűtő
30Meaning of Tank in icelandictankursvalari
31Meaning of Tank in indonesiantangkilebih dingin
32Meaning of Tank in irishumarwith
33Meaning of Tank in italiancarro armatopiù fresco
34Meaning of Tank in japaneseタンク-Tankuクーラー-Kūrā
35Meaning of Tank in javanesetankluwih adhem
36Meaning of Tank in kannadaಟ್ಯಾಂಕ್-Ṭyāṅkತಂಪಾದ-Tampāda
37Meaning of Tank in kazakhрезервуарсалқындатқыш
38Meaning of Tank in korean탱크-taengkeu냉각기-naeng-gaggi
39Meaning of Tank in kurdishdeposar
40Meaning of Tank in laoຖັງ-thangເຢັນ-yen
41Meaning of Tank in latincisterninafrigidior Thracam
42Meaning of Tank in latviantvertnevēsāks
43Meaning of Tank in lithuanianbakasaušintuvas
44Meaning of Tank in macedonianрезервоарот-rezervoarotкулер-kuler
45Meaning of Tank in malagasytankymangatsiaka kokoa
46Meaning of Tank in malaytangkisejuk
47Meaning of Tank in malayalamടാങ്ക്-ṭāṅk-ṭāṅk-ṭāṅkതണുത്ത-taṇutta
48Meaning of Tank in maltesetankapparat li jkessaħ
49Meaning of Tank in marathiटाकी-Ṭākīकुलर-Kulara
50Meaning of Tank in mongolianсав-savхөргөлттэй-khörgölttei
51Meaning of Tank in nepaliट्या tank्क-Ṭyā tankkaकूलर-koolar
52Meaning of Tank in norwegiantankkulere
53Meaning of Tank in oriyaଟାଙ୍କି |କୁଲର୍
54Meaning of Tank in pashtoټانککولر
55Meaning of Tank in persianمخزنخنک کننده
56Meaning of Tank in polishzbiornikchłodnica
57Meaning of Tank in portugesetanqueresfriador
58Meaning of Tank in punjabiਟੈਂਕ-Ṭaiṅkaਕੂਲਰ-Kūlara
59Meaning of Tank in romanianrezervorrăcitor
60Meaning of Tank in russianбак-bakкулер-kuler
61Meaning of Tank in serbianцистерна-tsisternaхладније-hladnije
62Meaning of Tank in Sindhiٽينڪٿڌو
63Meaning of Tank in Sinhalaටැංකිය-ṭæṁkiyaසිසිල්-sisil
64Meaning of Tank in Sloveniancisternahladilnik
65Meaning of Tank in Spanishtanqueenfriador
66Meaning of Tank in Sundanesetankileuwih tiis
67Meaning of Tank in Swedishtankkylare
68Meaning of Tank in Tajikзарф-zarfсардтар-sardtar
69Meaning of Tank in Tamilதொட்டி-Toṭṭiகுளிரான-Kuḷirāṉa
70Meaning of Tank in Teluguట్యాంక్-Ṭyāṅkచల్లగా-Callagā
71Meaning of Tank in thaiถัง-T̄hạngเย็น-Yĕn
72Meaning of Tank in Turkishtanksoğutucu
73Meaning of Tank in Ukrainianтанк-tankкулер-kuler
74Meaning of Tank in Urduٹینککولر
75Meaning of Tank in Uzbektanksovutgich
76Meaning of Tank in Vietnamesexe tăngmát
77Meaning of Tank in welshtancoerach
78Meaning of Tank in Zuluithangiopholile

The origin of the word ‘tank’: where does it come from?

The origin of the word ‘tank’ is unknown. However, it is believed to come from the Hindi word ‘tank’, meaning ‘cistern’. It is also possible that it comes from the Portuguese word ‘tanque’, meaning ‘reservoir’. The first recorded use of the word ‘tank’ in English was in the early 17th century.

The word is uncommon in the English language, and is largely considered a foreign word. It has been used in English since before the First World War.

The evolution of the ‘tank’ meaning: how has it changed over time?

The tank meaning in Hindi has evolved over time. The word ‘tank’ originally meant a large, metal container used to store water or other liquids. However, the meaning of the word has changed over time, and it now refers to a large, armored vehicle used in warfare. The first tanks were developed during World War I, and they have been used in conflicts all over the world since then. Tanks are an essential part of any military force, and their evolution is ongoing.

Conclusion: what is the current tank meaning in hindi?

In Hindi, the word “tank” has a variety of meanings. It can refer to a large, self-propelled vehicle equipped with guns and armor, or it can simply mean “container.”

The word “tank” first came into English in the late 1500s, from the Middle French word “tanque.” This was likely derived from the Spanish word “tanque,” which in turn came from the Arabic word “tank,” meaning “storage reservoir.”

The earliest known use of the word “tank” to refer to a military vehicle was in 1692, during the Siege of Maastricht. At that time, the French were using wheeled gun carriages that they called “tanks.” The English adopted this term and began using it to refer to their own armored vehicles.

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