In Vitro Meaning In Tamil

An image featuring a laboratory setting with scientific equipment, symbolizing the Tamil term "புரோகிணிய உயிரியல்" (Purōkiṇiya Uyiriyaḷ) representing in vitro experiments.

“புரோகிணிய உயிரியல்” (Purōkiṇiya Uyiriyaḷ) unfolds like a laboratory mystery, signifying the world of experiments conducted outside the living realm. It’s the phrase that unveils the controlled environment of scientific exploration, offering insights into biological processes and medical advancements. In scientific and medical discussions, it shines as a symbol of precision and controlled experimentation, a key to understanding the mysteries of life itself. In contemporary Tamil, it continues to be relevant, reflecting the importance of in vitro techniques and studies in modern science and medicine.