Stalking Meaning in Telugu

Stalking meaning in the Telugu language

  1. In the Telugu language, “stalking is called “pandhuku.” It is used to describe the behaviour of someone who follows or harasses another person, especially a former partner or spouse.
  2. Stalking is an intentional and repeated pattern of unwanted behaviour by someone who wants to scare, intimidate, or control their victim. Stalking can include following the victim, contacting them repeatedly, damaging their property, or harming their pets. In Telugu, stalking is called “Prapancham” which means “to follow.
  3. In Telugu, stalking generally means following or watching someone closely. It can also be defined as harassing someone persistently over a period of time. While there is no legal definition of stalking in Telugu, it is generally understood as a criminal offence. Stalking can involve unwanted phone calls, text messages, emails, or visits to the victim’s home or place of work. It can also include cyberstalking, such as posting personal information or threats online.

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