SHWAN YONI Meaning in Hindi

Shwan Yoni Meaning in Hindi

  1. The two words shwan yoni are used to refer to a woman’s genitalia. In some Hindu texts, the term “shwan yoni” is used to describe a woman who is sexually aroused.
  2. In Hindi, the word shwan yoni is often used in a negative way to refer to a woman who is promiscuous or has loose morals.
  3. In Hindi, the word “shwan” means “bird” and “yoni” means “vagina.” Together, the two words are used to describe a woman’s sexual organs. The word “shwan” is also used to describe a man’s penis.

Shwan meaning in Hindi

In Hindi, the word “shwan” means “snake.”

Yoni meaning in Hindi

  1. The word “yoni” is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female reproductive organs.
  2. The word yoni symbolizes a women’s vagina.

yoni ka paryayvachi shabd

 स्त्री की जनन इंद्रिय।

Shwan Yoni Meaning in English

  1. Shwan means female reproductive organ in English.
  2. Yoni is male genitals in english.

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