RTO Meaning in Tamil

In the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the government agency responsible for maintaining records of vehicle registration and driver’s licenses. The RTO is also responsible for enforcing traffic laws and collecting fines. The RTO plays a vital role in keeping Tamil Nadu’s roads safe.

RTO Meaning in Tamil language

வட்டார போக்குவரத்து அலுவலகம்

RTO Meaning in Tamil Slang

Vaṭṭāra pōkkuvarattu aluvalakam is called RTO in Tamil language.

RTO in Tamil Nadu

In the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the word “rto” is commonly used to mean “regional transport office.” This office is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses and vehicle registration certificates, as well as collecting taxes and fees associated with motor vehicles. The rto is an important government agency in Tamil Nadu, and its services are essential for anyone who wants to drive a car or motorcycle in the state.

RTO means in Tamil

The RTO is the regional transport office that is responsible for issuing driving licenses and vehicle registration in Tamil Nadu, India. The rto has been functioning since 1989 and is headquartered in Chennai. The RTO issues driving licenses to individuals who are 18 years of age or above and have a valid learner’s license. The rto also registers vehicles and issues vehicle registration certificates.

The rto has a team of qualified and experienced personnel who are committed to providing quality service to the public. The RTO has a customer care center where citizens can lodge their complaints and suggestions. The rto also has a website where citizens can view information about the various services offered by the department.

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