Relationship status it’s complicated meaning in Bengali

What is “It’s Complicated”?

It’s Complicated is a phrase used to describe a situation which is too complex and difficult to explain. It can be used to refer to relationships, emotions, or any other topic that may be hard to explain in a few words.

When it comes to relationships, the phrase “it’s complicated” might indicate that two people are not completely sure of their feelings for each other or that their relationship has certain ups and downs. It could also mean there are external factors such as family pressure, cultural differences, etc., which are making it difficult for the couple to stay together despite their best efforts.

In terms of emotions, ‘It’s Complicated might be used when someone is feeling lost and confused about something they’re going through in life. They may have conflicting feelings and find it hard to make sense of them all at once.

Relationship status it’s complicated

When it comes to relationships, the status “It’s Complicated” is often used to describe a situation that is not quite black and white. It can be used to describe anything from a couple who are friends but have feelings for each other, to someone who has feelings for someone else but is still in a relationship with another person. In Bengali culture, this term translates loosely into “jhilmilata” which means tangled or confused.

This phrase can be applicable to many different types of relationships, ranging from family drama and even business partnerships. For example, if an individual has two siblings who were close growing up and suddenly become distant after a falling out, their relationship could be described as “it’s complicated.

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