Promotes Lactation Meaning In Hindi

  1. Lactation is an important process in the life of a mother. It enables her to provide sustenance to her child and helps in the emotional bonding between mother and child. Lactation is promoted when mothers are given the opportunity to breastfeed their children. The benefits of breastfeeding include healthier infants, reduced rates of childhood obesity, and stronger relationships between mothers and children.
  2. Lactation is a process in which the female body produces milk for her infant. It is one of the most important aspects of motherhood. There are many benefits to lactation, including providing nutrients and fluid to your infant, reducing stress for both mother and infant and improving bonding. In Hindi, lactation means “to nourish.
  3. Lactation in Hindi means nursing a child. It is an important process that helps the baby to get the necessary nutrition and protection from diseases. Nursing also helps to bond the mother and child.

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