Debited Meaning in Hindi नामे किया

Debited meaning in Hindi language Debited is an English word, but it also has a meaning in Hindi. In Hindi, “debited” means “to be written off”. This is because in accounting when you debit an account, you are writing the amount of the transaction off of that account. So, when you say “the company was … Read more

Dearest Meaning in Hindi प्यारे

Dearest word meaning in Hindi There are many English words that have no direct Hindi translation. This can be frustrating for Hindi speakers who are trying to learn English, and for English speakers who are trying to learn Hindi. One such word is “dearest.” There is no one-word translation for “dearest” in Hindi. Instead, a … Read more

Siblings Meaning in Hindi भाई-बहन सहोदर

Siblings meaning in Hindi or Punjabi Siblings are brothers and sisters. Hindi has two words for siblings: भाई-बहन (bhāī-bahan) and दोस्त (dost). Bhāī-bahan refers to siblings who are of the same gender, while dost refers to siblings who are of different genders. More related terms to Sibling Elder sibling बड़े भाई Saviour sibling उद्धारकर्ता भाई … Read more

Occupation Meaning in Hindi पेशा

Occupation meaning in Hindi 1. Occupation is a very important word in English. It is used to describe someone’s job or profession. 2. In Hindi, the word for occupation is “kam”. 3. “Kam” can be used to describe someone’s job, profession, or line of work. 4. The word “kam” can also be used to describe … Read more