Weed Meaning in Hindi

Introduction: What is weed? Weed is a term used to describe a variety of plants that grow wild in many parts of the world. While the term “weed” is generally used to describe plants that are considered to be pests, there are some plants that are considered to be weeds that have beneficial properties. In … Read more

Leave Meaning in Hindi

Leave meaning in hindi with sentences In Hindi, “leave” is written as छोड़ (chod), and it has a few different meanings depending on the context. The most basic meaning of “leave” is to go away from something or someone. You can also use “leave” to mean to quit a job or to leave a place. … Read more

Engagement Meaning in Hindi सगाई

Engagement meaning in Hindi Engagement का अर्थ हिंदी में १. अभिजात का प्रयोग, २. सामाजिक स्फ़ोट Engagement is a popular term that is often used in India, but what does it actually mean? Engagement is typically thought of as a commitment to be married, but it can also be a commitment to another person or … Read more