NARROW Meaning in Hindi

Narrow meaning in English In English, the word “narrow” can have a variety of meanings, depending on the context. Some examples include: being too limited in scope or focus; being dismissive or unappreciative; not accepting or understanding something; and being stingy or parsimonious. While all of these meanings are legitimate, there is one particular use … Read more

SENIOR Meaning in Hindi

Senior meaning in Hindi The Hindi word ‘senior’ (सेना, senā) means ‘old’ or ‘senior citizen’. In Hindi, the word “senior” refers to someone who is older than you. The word can also be used to describe someone who is more experienced or knowledgeable than you. In India, people use the word “senior” to show respect … Read more

SMART Meaning in Hindi

Smart meaning in Hindi In Hindi, the word ‘smart’ is “having qualities that distinguish one person or thing from another”. The word has a variety of meanings depending on how it is used. One specific meaning of में mat is a boy who is clever, quick-witted, and intelligent. स्मार्ट – मतलब हिंदी में हिंदी में, … Read more

Eternal Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of eternal in Hindi The word ‘eternal’ has multiple meanings in Hindi. Here are some of them: Always existing or continuing Continuous and uninterrupted Endless or without an end Never-ending or immortal The word “eternal” has many different connotations in different languages. In English, it usually means something that will last forever. There are … Read more