Mofussil Meaning In Tamil

“Mofussil” Meaning in Tamil: Interpretation and Context

Introduction: Explore the meaning of “mofussil” in Tamil through the term “மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ), uncovering its translation, usage, and relevance within the Tamil language. Delve into its implications and related concepts to understand its significance.

“Mofussil” Meaning in Tamil:

“Mofussil” can be translated to “மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ) in Tamil, referring to regions or areas located in the outskirts or rural parts of a country, away from major cities.

Interpretation and Usage:

  1. Regional Description: “மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ) represents areas that are typically less urbanized, with a focus on rural life and communities.
  2. Geographic Context: The term highlights the distinction between urban and non-urban regions.

Everyday Language and Context:

  1. Geographic Reference: “மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ) is commonly used to describe locations and regions, emphasizing their non-metropolitan character.
  2. Travel and Navigation: It aids in navigating and understanding the layout of a country or state, especially in travel-related contexts.

Related Keywords in Tamil:

  1. ஊர் (Ūr) – Village
  2. ஊர்காரர் (Ūrkārar) – Villagers
  3. பிராந்த (Pirānta) – Remote

Urban-Rural Divide:

  1. Cultural Contrast: “மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ) highlights the cultural and lifestyle differences between urban and rural areas.
  2. Economic Implications: It signifies variations in economic activities, infrastructure, and access to services between metropolitan and mofussil regions.

Cultural and Geographic Significance:

  1. Historical Context: The term reflects historical and traditional aspects of a region, preserving cultural heritage in non-urban settings.
  2. Development Perspectives: “மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ) plays a role in discussions about rural development, infrastructure, and access to resources.


“மொப்புத்தேரிகள்” (Moppuththerikaḷ), synonymous with “mofussil,” is a geographical descriptor that signifies regions away from major urban centers, emphasizing the cultural, economic, and developmental distinctions between urban and rural areas. Its presence in language and discussions underscores the diversity and complexity of a country or state’s landscape and culture.