Fabian Meaning in 77 Languages

Who is Fabian and where does the name come from?

In Latin, the name Fabian means “bean grower.” The name was derived from the Roman family name Fabius.

Fabian is a shy but determined individual. He’s the type of person who takes his time to assess a situation before making a decision. But once he’s decided on a course of action, he’ll see it through to the end, no matter what. This tenacity has served him well in both his personal and professional life.

While he’s not one for taking risks, Fabian has a strong sense of justice. He believes in doing what’s right, even if it isn’t easy. This moral compass has led him to success in both his personal and professional life.

The meaning of Fabian in Different languages

Sr. No.Meaning of Fabian in javaneseExact translation of fabian in different languagesMore closely related erms to fabianMore synonyms of fabian
1Meaning of Fabian in kannadaಫ್ಯಾಬಿಯನ್-Phyābiyanಹಿಗ್ಗುವಿಕೆ-Higguvikeಜಾಗರೂಕರಾಗಿರಿ-Jāgarūkarāgiri
2Meaning of Fabian in kazakhфабиансұйылтусақтықпен
3Meaning of Fabian in korean파비안-pabian느린-neulin조심성 있는-josimseong issneun
4Meaning of Fabian in kurdishfabiandilatorbalî
5Meaning of Fabian in laofabianໜີບ-nibລະມັດລະວັງ-lamadlavang
6Meaning of Fabian in latinfabianprovidentia curaque exceptamcircumspectus
7Meaning of Fabian in latvianfabiānsdilatējošspiesardzīgs
8Meaning of Fabian in lithuanianfabianasišsiplėtimasatsargus
9Meaning of Fabian in macedonianфабијан-fabijanдилаториум-dilatoriumпретпазлив-pretpazliv
10Meaning of Fabian in malagasyFabiandilatorymalina
11Meaning of Fabian in malayfabiandilatoryberhati-hati
12Meaning of Fabian in malayalamഫാബിയൻ-phābiyan-phābiyan-phābiyanഡിലേറ്ററി-ḍilēṟṟaṟiജാഗ്രത-jāgrata
13Meaning of Fabian in maltesefabiandilatorjuprudenti
14Meaning of Fabian in marathiफॅबियन-phaibiyanचिडखोर-Ciḍakhōraसावध-Sāvadha
15Meaning of Fabian in mongolianфабиан-fabian-fabian-fabianшингэрүүлэгч-shingerüülegchболгоомжтой-bolgoomjtoi
16Meaning of Fabian in nepaliफबियन-phabiyan-phabiyan-phabiyandilatory-ˈdiləˌtôrēसतर्क-satark
17Meaning of Fabian in afrikaansFabiantraagheidversigtig
18Meaning of Fabian in albanianfabiani vonuari kujdesshëm
19Meaning of Fabian in amharicፋቢያን-fabīyaniዳያቶሪ-dayatorīጠንቃቃ-t’enik’ak’a
20Meaning of Fabian in arabicفابيان-fabianموسع-muasaeحذر-hadhar
21Meaning of Fabian in armenianֆաբյան-fabyanնեղացնող-neghats’noghզգուշավոր-zgushavor
22Meaning of Fabian in azerbaijanifabiandilatüratorehtiyatlı
23Meaning of Fabian in bengaliদীর্ঘসূত্রী-Dīrghasūtrīদীর্ঘসূত্রী-Dīrghasūtrīসাবধান-Sābadhāna
24Meaning of Fabian in bulgarianфабиански-fabianskiмуден-mudenпредпазлив-predpazliv
25Meaning of Fabian in burmeseဇော်ပိုင်-jawpinedilatory-ˈdiləˌtôrēသတိ-sati
26Meaning of Fabian in chinesesimple法比安-Fǎ bǐ ān拖拉-Tuōlā谨慎-Jǐnshèn
27Meaning of Fabian in chinesetraditional法比安-Fǎ bǐ ān拖拉-Tuōlā謹慎-Jǐnshèn
28Meaning of Fabian in croatianFabiansporobazriv
29Meaning of Fabian in czechfabianliknavýopatrný
30Meaning of Fabian in danishfabianhenholdendeforsigtig
31Meaning of Fabian in dutchfabiandilaterendvoorzichtig
32Meaning of Fabian in englishfabiandilatorycautious
33Meaning of Fabian in esperantofabianodilatoriasingarda
34Meaning of Fabian in estonianfabiandilateerivettevaatlik
35Meaning of Fabian in filipinoteladilatorymaingat
36Meaning of Fabian in finnishFabiankuhnailevavarovainen
37Meaning of Fabian in frenchFabiendilatoireprudent
38Meaning of Fabian in georgianფაბიანი-pabianiდილატარული-dilat’aruliფრთხილი-prtkhili
39Meaning of Fabian in germanFabiandilatorischvorsichtig
40Meaning of Fabian in greekφαβιάνος-faviánosαργός-argósπροσεκτικός-prosektikós
41Meaning of Fabian in gujaratiફેબિયન-Phēbiyanaચિત્તભ્રમણા કરનારું-Cittabhramaṇā karanāruṁસાવધ-Sāvadha
42Meaning of Fabian in hausafabiandilatorym
43Meaning of Fabian in hebrewפביאןמרחיבזהיר
44Meaning of Fabian in hindiअवसर की प्रतीक्षा करनेवाला-avasar kee prateeksha karanevaalaधीमा-dheemaसतर्क-satark
45Meaning of Fabian in hungarianfabianhalogatóóvatos
46Meaning of Fabian in icelandicfabianútvíkkunvarkár
47Meaning of Fabian in indonesianfabianlalaiwaspada
48Meaning of Fabian in irishfabiandilatoryaireach
49Meaning of Fabian in italianFabiandilatorioprudente
50Meaning of Fabian in japaneseファビアン-Fabian拡張性-Kakuchō-sei慎重な-Shinchōna
51Meaning of Fabian in norwegianfabiandilatoryforsiktige
52Meaning of Fabian in oriyaଫାବିଆନ୍ |ବିଭ୍ରାନ୍ତିକର |ସତର୍କ
53Meaning of Fabian in pashtoفيبينdilatoryمحتاط
54Meaning of Fabian in persianفابیاندفع کنندهمحتاط
55Meaning of Fabian in polishfabiańskizwlekającyostrożny
56Meaning of Fabian in portugesefabianodilatadorcauteloso
57Meaning of Fabian in punjabiਫੈਬੀਅਨ-Phaibī ana-Phaibī ana-Phaibī anadilatory-ˈdiləˌtôrēਸਾਵਧਾਨ-Sāvadhāna
58Meaning of Fabian in romanianfabianzăbavnicprecaut
59Meaning of Fabian in russianFabian-ˈfābēənмедлительный-medlitel nyyосторожный-ostorozhnyy
60Meaning of Fabian in serbianфабиан-fabian-fabian-fabianдилатацијски-dilatacijskiопрезан-oprezan
61Meaning of Fabian in sindhiفريبينپيچيدهمحتاط
62Meaning of Fabian in sinhalaෆේබියන්-fēbiyan-fēbiyan-fēbiyanඅබලන්-abalanප්‍රවේශම් වන්න-pravēśam vanna
63Meaning of Fabian in slovenianfabijandilatacijskipreviden
64Meaning of Fabian in spanishFabiandilatoriocauteloso
65Meaning of Fabian in sundaneselawonéncérati-ati
66Meaning of Fabian in swedishfabianförhalandeförsiktig
67Meaning of Fabian in tajikфабиан-fabianдилатӣ-dilatīэҳтиёт-ehtijot
68Meaning of Fabian in tamilஃபேபியன்-Ḥpēpiyaṉ-Ḥpēpiyaṉ-Ḥpēpiyaṉநீர்த்த-Nīrttaஎச்சரிக்கையாக-Eccarikkaiyāka
69Meaning of Fabian in teluguఫాబియన్-Phābiyanఆలస్యమైన-Ālasyamainaజాగ్రత్తగా-Jāgrattagā
70Meaning of Fabian in thaiFabian-ˈfābēənอืด-Xụ̄dระมัดระวัง-Ramạdrawạng
71Meaning of Fabian in turkishfabiangeciktiricitemkinli
72Meaning of Fabian in ukranianфабіан-fabianрозширювальний-rozshyryuvalʹnyyобережний-oberezhnyy
73Meaning of Fabian in urduفبینdilatoryمحتاط
74Meaning of Fabian in uzbekfabiandilatasyonehtiyotkor
75Meaning of Fabian in vietnamesefabiangiãndè dặt
76Meaning of Fabian in welshfabiandilatorygochelgar
77Meaning of Fabian in zulufabianokucasulayoqaphela
Fabian meaning in 77 language

The meaning of the name Fabian

The name Fabian is derived from the Latin word “faber,” meaning “craftsman.” The name was popularized by the 3rd-century Saint Fabian.

The name has been used by a number of notable figures throughout history.

The name Fabian means “craftsman,” “artist,” or “maker.” It is a strong and powerful name that represents someone who is creative and skilled in their trade.

The history of the name Fabian

The name Fabian is derived from the Roman clan name Fabius. The first person to bear this name was Marcus Fabius Rullianus, who was a consul of the Roman Republic in 478 BC.

The Fabii were one of the most prominent families in Rome during the early days of the Republic. They produced several famous military commanders and politicians, including Quintus Fabius Maximus, who was nicknamed “the Cunctator” for his successful delaying tactics against Hannibal during the Second Punic War.

The popularity of the Fabii waned after a series of military defeats in the late 3rd century BC, but the name continued to be used by members of the Imperial family and other high-ranking officials throughout the Empire.

The popularity of the name Fabian

The name Fabian has seen a sharp uptick in popularity in recent years. The name was recently ranked at #333 on their list of most popular baby names, up from #701 in 2016.

In English-speaking countries, the name was used sparingly until the 20th century. It began to gain some traction in the mid-1900s, likely due to its similarity to other popular names like Sebastian and Damian. The popularity of the name Fabian has continued to grow in recent years, with more parents looking for unique names for their children.

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