Cornflower Meaning In Marathi

Cornflower meaning in Marathi

  1. Cornflower meaning in Marathi: In Marathi, cornflower is called क्रॉनफ्लॉवर or Krŏnaphlŏvara.
  2. The meaning of cornflower in Marathi is ‘to be pleased’, ‘to be satisfied’, and ‘to be happy’.
  3. The meaning of cornflower in Marathi is “gentle”, “pure”, “peaceful”, “humble”, and “modest”.
  4. There are many meanings to the word ‘cornflower’ in Marathi. Some of the meanings include a flower that is popular in India, a type of blue flower, a symbol of peace, and a sign of happiness.


What does cornflower mean in Marathi? The name comes from the Latin word “cornus,” meaning horn, referring to the shape of the flower’s corolla. The Hindi word for cornflower is sagar, derived from the Sanskrit word “sagaraka.” In India, cornflowers are commonly used as a floral decoration in Hindu temples and other religious sites.

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