Complicated meaning in Bengali

  1. জটিল: complex, complicated, intricate, perplexing, tangled, elaborate
  2. খটমট: intricate, complicated, difficult
  3. কূট: deceptive, intricate, tricky, cooked up, fabricated, complicated
  4. কুটিল: crooked, hypocritical, tortuous, bent, curved, complicated
  5. বিষম: extraordinary, acute, odd, scabrous, severe, complicated

Exploring the Meaning of “Complicated”

Complicated has many interpretations and can mean different things depending on the context. In Bengali, complicated is often used to refer to something that is difficult or hard to understand. It could describe a situation, an issue, a person, or an idea. For example, people may use the word “complicated” when describing a complex social issue such as racism or sexism.

The concept of “complicated” in Bengali may also be related to emotions and feelings. People may use it to refer to relationships where one partner behaves in a confusing way or when two people have difficulty establishing trust and understanding each other. When someone feels overwhelmed by the complexities of life, he/she might say that life is too complicated.

Bengali Meaning of Complicated

The Bengali language has a unique way of expressing complicated or difficult concepts. The term “complicated” can have a range of meanings in the Bengali language, including intricate, complicated and perplexing. For instance, an intricate situation could be described as saat lokhokha in Bengali, which means “seven layered”. Similarly, a complicated problem could be said to be dui jonka shobdho in Bengali, meaning “two worded”.

Complicated situations and concepts can also be described using the Bengali words adbhut or bhulomaiyaa. Adbhut is used to describe something that is extraordinary or mysterious while bhulomaiyaa describes something that is so complex it cannot easily be understood by most people.

Sentences with complicated in Bengali

  • 1. বিশেষণ জটিল শব্দ ব্যবহার করবেন না যখন একটি সহজ শব্দ কাজ করবে।
  • 2. ক্রিয়া, অতীত কণা যদিও আপনার পাসপোর্ট পাওয়া জটিল মনে হতে পারে, এটি আপডেট করা ততটা কঠিন নয় যতটা আপনি ভাবতে পারেন।
  • 3. ক্রিয়া, অতীত কাল অনেক ফ্যাশন সেলাই প্রকল্পে সঠিক পরিমাপ, জটিল পরিমাপ, আস্তরণ, ডার্ট বা অন্যান্য সীম জড়িত।

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