Agro Meaning In Tamil

The word “agro” itself doesn’t have a direct Tamil translation. However, depending on the context, it can be translated in different ways based on its meaning:

1. Agriculture:

  1. விவசாயம் (vivasayam) – This is the most common and direct translation for “agriculture” in Tamil.
  2. உழவு (uzhavu) – This is a pure Tamil word for agriculture, often used in literary contexts.
  3. வேளாண்மை (velaamaai) – This word refers to agriculture and farming, particularly emphasizing land management and cultivation.

2. Related to agriculture:

  1. வேளாண்மை சார்ந்த (velaamaai saarntha) – This phrase means “related to agriculture” or “agro-related”.
  2. விவசாயம் சம்பந்தப்பட்ட (vivasayam sambandappatta) – This is another way to say “agricultural” or “agro-based”.
  3. வேளாண்மைத் தொழில் (velaamaith thozhil) – This means “agricultural industry” or “agro-industry”.

3. Short for “agrobusiness”:

  1. வேளாண்மைத் தொழில் (vēlāṇmai tholzhil) – This can also be used to translate “agrobusiness”.

4. Specific industries:

  1. कृषி-தொழில் (krushi-thozhil) – This literally translates to “agri-industry” and refers to the industries involved in the processing and distribution of agricultural products.
  2. விவசாயத் தொழில் (vivasayathozhil) – This is another way to say “agri-industry” in Tamil.

5. Scientific fields:

  1. வேளாண்மை அறிவியல் (velaanmai ariviyal) – This means “agricultural science” and refers to the scientific study of agriculture.
  2. விவசாய தொழில்நுட்பம் (vivasayathozhilnuṭpadham) – This means “agricultural technology” and refers to the application of technology to agriculture.

6. Technical terms:

  1. மண்ணியல் (maṇṇiyal) – This refers to “soil science”.
  2. உயிர் உரம் (uyi ir) – This refers to “biofertilizer”.


Ultimately, the best translation for “agro” in Tamil will depend on the specific sentence and what you want to emphasize.

Agro Meaning In Tamil: The term “agro” does not have a specific meaning in the Tamil language. However, it is often used as a prefix in English to denote a connection with agriculture or farming. In Tamil, when referring to agricultural or farming-related concepts, you might use words such as “விவசாயம்” (vivasayam) or “விவசாய” (vivasaya) to convey the idea of agriculture.

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