Abail meaning

This phrase is often used in legal contexts, specifically in the context of posting bail for an individual who has been arrested. When you “bail someone out,” you are providing the necessary funds to secure their temporary release from custody until their court appearance.

Abail use in Middle English

In Middle English, which was spoken from around 1150 to 1500, “abail” was a verb that meant “to lower or humble oneself, to debase oneself.” It’s not commonly used in modern English.

Exact meanings of abail

  1. Get to
  2. To reach

Abail meaning in Hindi

The meaning of abail in Hindi language is: किसी को जमानत देना

Abail meaning in Tamil

The meaning of abail in Tamil is ஒருவரை ஜாமீனில் விடுங்கள் or (Oruvarai jāmīṉil viṭuṅkaḷ).

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