Abaht Meaning

“Abaht” refers to the direction towards the stern or back of this vessel. It’s the opposite of “fore” (towards the front) and tells you where to find the galley, the captain’s quarters, or even a cheeky parrot perched on the poop deck.

Abaht Pronunciation

Abaht Pronunciation is “uuh” like in “umbrella” followed by “BAFT” as in “laugh.”

Abaht Sentences

  1. The captain ordered the lookout to keep watch 22.5 degrees abaft the beam. (Meaning: slightly towards the back and to the side)
  2. The lifeboat was secured abaft the davits. (Meaning: towards the rear of the ship)
  3. The sails flapped wildly in the wind, billowing abaft the mast. (Meaning: behind the mast)

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