Abaft Meaning

  1. Abaft Meaning: “Abaft” is a maritime term that refers to the rear part of a ship or behind a particular point on a ship. Abaft¬†means¬†towards the rear or back of a ship or aircraft. It’s the opposite of “forward” or “fore.”
  2. Abaft Definition: The term “abaft” means at or toward the rear part of a ship. Abaft” is a nautical term with a few different meanings, but all related to the rear of a ship or aircraft.
  3. Abaft Synonym: A synonym for “abaft” is “astern.” More synonyms are as under:
    • Aft
    • Astern
    • Behind
    • Back
  4. Abaft Meaning in English: In English, “abaft” describes something located towards the back or rear of a ship.
  5. Abaft Pronunciation: How to Pronounce Abaft? The pronunciation of “abaft” is approximately “uh-baft.”
  6. Abaft in a Sentence: An example sentence could be:
    • The cargo was stored abaft the main mast.
    • The lifeboat was secured abaft the davits.
  7. What Does Abaft Mean: “Abaft” means at or towards the rear part of a ship.
  8. 22.5 Degrees Abaft the Beam: This phrase refers to a specific angle measurement (22.5 degrees) behind the direction perpendicular to the ship’s sides, measured clockwise from the centerline. This refers to a position 22.5 degrees towards the rear of the ship, measured from a right angle to the ship’s side. Imagine the ship as a clock, with the bow at 12 o’clock and the stern at 6 o’clock. 22.5 degrees abaft the beam would be somewhere between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock.
  9. 22.5 Abaft the Beam Meaning: When something is positioned 22.5 degrees abaft the beam, it is located behind and to the side of the ship, specifically at a measured angle. This could be used to describe the location of an object on the ship, such as a sail, a piece of equipment, or even another ship. For example, you might say “The enemy ship was spotted 22.5 degrees abaft the beam.”
  10. Leading Abaft the Beam Anchor Meaning: This term likely refers to the anchor being positioned in a way that it is ahead or in front of the 90-degree point on the ship, relative to its sides. This type of anchor chain that leads from the anchor hawsehole (the hole in the bow where the anchor chain exits) towards the rear of the ship, on the opposite side of the beam from the main anchor chain. It’s used to help stabilize the ship and prevent it from swinging around the anchor.