Abactinal Meaning

Abactinal Meaning:

“Abactinal” refers to the surface or end of an animal that is opposite to the mouth. It’s used primarily in zoology and describes the dorsal or upper side of radially symmetrical beings like starfish, sea urchins, and jellyfish.

Abactinal Pronunciation:

  1. AH-bak-ti-nul is the most common pronunciation, with emphasis on the first syllable.
  2. AB-ak-ti-nul is another acceptable pronunciation, with equal emphasis on both the first and second syllables.

Abactinal Meaning in Hindi:

There isn’t a direct Hindi translation for “abactinal.” However, depending on the context, you can use these terms to convey its meaning:

  1. पृष्ठीय (Prushthiy): Meaning “dorsal” or “back” side.
  2. ऊपरी (Oopeari): Meaning “upper” or “top” side.
  3. मुख के विपरीत (Mukha ke viprit): Meaning “opposite the mouth.”

Abactinal Meaning in Law in Hindi:

“Abactinal” wouldn’t have specific legal meaning in Hindi as it relates to zoology and not legal terminology.

Abactinal Synonyms:

  1. Dorsal
  2. Upper
  3. Adoral (in some contexts)
  4. Aboral (in some contexts)

Abactinal Examples:

  1. The abactinal side of a starfish is where its hard plates are located.
  2. The abactinal tentacles of a sea urchin help it move and feed.
  3. The abactinal bell of a jellyfish contains its mouth and digestive system.

Abactinal in a Sentence:

  1. The scientist carefully examined the abactinal plates of the starfish for signs of damage.
  2. The abactinal surface of the jellyfish pulsated rhythmically as it floated through the water.
  3. The sea urchin used its abactinal spines to defend itself from predators.