What is OceanGate?

Submersible Inner Cavity

OceanGate, co-founded by Guillermo Söhnlein and Stockton Rush in 2009, embarked on a mission to revolutionize commercial submersibles. The company envisioned creating a small fleet of 5-person submersibles that could be leased by any organization or group, with the ultimate goal of opening the oceans to humanity. While Söhnlein departed from the company in 2013, Rush continued to lead OceanGate, driven by his lifelong passion for aviation, space, and undersea exploration.

Crush Meaning in Kannada


In Kannada, the word “crush” can be translated as “ಮುಗಿದುಬಿಡು” (mugidubidu) or “ಪ್ರೇಮಿಸು” (premisu). These words convey the idea of having a strong romantic attraction or infatuation towards someone.

Waist meaning in Kannada


We hwill discuss the Kannada word for “waist,” which is “ಸೊಂಟ” (soṇṭa). We will also provid related terms and example sentences that demonstrate the usage of the word. By understanding these terms, one can effectively communicate and describe the waist region in Kannada.