Marble meaning in Malayalam

Taj mahal Building - marble structure

In Malayalam, the word for “marble” is മാർബിൾ (maarbil) or വെണ്ണക്കല്ല്. Story about “Marble” Once upon a time, there was a small marble that lived in a toy store. The marble was not like the other toys in the store. It was not flashy or brightly colored, and it didn’t make any noise. But it … Read more

Marhaba meaning in Malayalam

Marhaba meaning in 60 languages

Marhaba meaning in malayalam is സ്വാഗതം or swagatham. Story about “Marhaba” Once upon a time, in the city of Kochi, located in the Indian state of Kerala, there lived a young woman named Aisha. Aisha had always been fascinated by the Arab world and had spent many years studying the Arabic language and culture. One … Read more

Mariner meaning in Malayalam


The word “Mariner” can be translated to Malayalam as “മാറിനർ”. Story about mariner Once upon a time, there was a young man named Alex who had always dreamed of becoming a mariner. Growing up near the coast, he was fascinated with the sea and its adventures. As soon as he turned eighteen, he left his … Read more