Influence Meaning in Hindi

Influence meaning in hindi Influence is a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad. It can be used to help people make positive changes in their lives, or to manipulate and control them. The Hindi word for influence is “प्रभाव” (prabhav), which means “power” or “effect”. प्रभाव हिंदी में मतलब 1. प्रभाव … Read more

Who Meaning in Hindi

Who are you meaning in hindi The phrase “who are you?” is a common question that people ask to get to know each other. The Hindi translation for this phrase is “Aap kya hain?” This question can be used to ask someone their name, where they are from, and other basic information about themselves. When … Read more

Adorable Meaning in Hindi

The dictionary defines adorable as “worthy of admiration because of beauty, sweetness, kindness, etc.”

Possessive Meaning in Hindi

Possessive meaning in Hindi Marathi The possessive meaning in Hindi is very different from the English possessive. In English, possessive is used to show that something belongs to someone. For example, “I have a cat” can be translated to “I have the cat.” In Hindi, the possessive is used to show that someone is in … Read more